Frequently Asked Questions
What is Powerlab doing?
First of all Powerlab is a File Service system but also it helps you to find closest dealer to get tune from Powerlab. This platform is for end users and also for tuners who need file service system. 
What is Remap, Chip Tuning, Software?
All have same meaning, Remap comes from Re-Mapping of the file inside of the ecu, Chip-Tuning comes from the chip which is carrying that files, Software is the name of that file. We are not installing any mechanical parts to your car. We are getting power from you car with only software upgrade!
Why don't the manufacturers do?
Manufacturers generally sell one vehicle that covers various markets, with different tax and emissions regulations. Different climates with extremes of heat, cold. Different fuel qualites. Different operating altitudes and also driver profiles. A manufacturer has to take all of these factors into consideration and make substantial compromises in the vehicles operate without problem.
Why Powerlab?
Are you looking for more power and torque from your car? You are in the right place to have it. Our files are unique for every car. Your car will have a special file depends your request and your car condition.Turbo/Supercharger/Natural Aspirated - Diesel/Petrol doesn't matter for us to have Performance or Economy (*)Please join the club to feel the performance and economy with us!Everybody would like to have first class service thats why you are here, every car which reach us is having special own file for it is. We are not making copy/paste tuning cause all cars have different conditions.

Powerlab is a company which is providing File Service to all over the world

Most of our files tested with different dynos from us and also dealers all around the world.

We offer maximum power for your car whilst optimum reliablity. We always keep your car safe for Boost Pressures, Rich/Lean Fuelings, Exhaust Gas Temperatures or Emmision Regulations (**)

Most of our software is developed in Dynoflow SF-849 Chassis Dyno rolling roads to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure fuelling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures (where applicable) are all within tolerance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

(*) cars can be shown different results for economy

(**) Cars can be shown different results for Emmision (CO2)


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